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Licence terms, refunds, privacy

The content and appearance and delivery method of GA Publishing products are copyright and all rights reserved.
TEXTS published by GA Publishing are subject of general copyright protection. REFUNDS in respect of text book purchases allowed only in respect of damaged product. Please email the publisher at
With respect to PERIODICALS the following terms apply
1. Subscription is by way of licence granted by the publisher to the subscriber in consideration of payment of the nominated subscription price. The publisher or licensee may withdraw the licence at any time and the balance of outstanding subscription will be refunded.
2. Subscriptions are licensed by the publisher for the subscriber to distribute no more than five copies within the subscriber practice.
3. Subscription period continues until delivery of promised number of editions, .
4. REFUNDS - You may cancel your subscription at any time and the Publisher, GA Publishing guarantees without reservation to refund the unexpired balance of the subscription licence payment, such calculated by reference to the ratio of editions delivered and promised. REFUNDS in respect of paperback TEXT BOOK purchases allowed only if damaged product delivered. Please email the publisher at
5. PRIVACY - GA Publishing warrants without reservation in undertaking preservation of the confidentiality of its business clientele. GA Publishing does not collect nor relay browser usage particulars.
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