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Terms of subscription and purchase licence

The content and appearance and delivery method of the periodicals and texts from the publisher, GA Publishing, at www.gapublishing.com.au and elsewhere are copyright and all rights reserved.
1. Subscription is by way of licence granted by the publisher to the subscriber in consideration of payment of the nominated subscription or purchases price. The publisher may withdraw the licence at any time and will refund the balance of outstanding subscription paid.
2. .PDF subscriptions and purchased texts are licensed by GA Publishing for the purchaser to distribute within the subscriber firm, which distribution recipients you undertake to warn against further copying or any other distribution of the publication.
3. The subscription licence DOES NOT PERMIT REPUBLICATION in any way of the content of the products without the written consent of GA Publishing which may be forthcoming on application by telephone 0421 488 656 or email editors@gapublishing.com.au. 
4. The publisher offers no express or implied warranty of fitness for purpose of any of the products and the purchaser acknowledges such.
5. Subscriptions extend until completion of delivery of the promised number of editions. 


For subscriptions, the publisher will refund payments without question pro rata for unexpired subscription periods less any costs.

For PDF text purchases, refunds are not generally available except if delivery or publication is not fit for purpose. Kindly telephone the publisher on 0421 488 656 or email editors@gapublishing.com.au.


GA Publishing does not collect or relay user particulars except as necessary to fulfil orders and maintain customer records and to inform customers of available products. Such records are kept strictly private and are not shared without Court order.

Any recipient of a message from GA  Publishing may instantly decline further messages which declinature the publisher warrants to respect without question. 

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